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Unlocking the Habit Code

Unlocking the Habit Code Book Cover Unlocking the Habit Code
Mike Grogan
June 2017
Advanced Reader's Copy

To be released in June 2017, this will be one of the most practical books on personal change that you will ever read.

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Book Review:

Disclaimer: I received this advanced reader’s copy from the author himself in exchange for my honest review.

I like to read self-improvement books, but I must admit I’m not a big fan. To be honest, I’d trade self-help books for any YA fiction all because most of the self-help books I’ve read so far were long and boring. They tend to go on and on and in circles before reaching the whole point of the book. That explains why I tend to steer clear from self-help books if I can help it.

Unlocking the Habit Code by Mike Grogan, however, is different.

It’s the complete opposite of what I dislike about most self-help books. Unlocking the Habit Code is short, concise and direct. I must say that the principles taught in this book are easy to understand. The principles presented are not new. Most of them I already know, but Mike Grogan presented them in a way that hits you to the very call. They’re like a wake-up call, telling you to get up and take action of what you already know. At least that’s what happened to me.

Another thing that I like about this book is that it shared real-life experiences from ordinary people. Individuals who may not share the exact same struggles like I have but are similar in some ways that made me think that the principles taught in this book may work for me.

And I believe it will.

The author presented the steps on how to start a healthy, world-class habit that can help you reach the top. They’re straightforward and easy to do that even a tween can perform them. If a busy manager had succeeded in “unlocking the habit code”, then I’m pretty sure we can.

If there’s a list of self-help books that should be part of your library, this should be one of them. The values you will learn from this book are applicable to almost every aspect of your life, be it personal or professional.

Changing your life is not easy, but this book will be a great help.

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