Road Trip to Club Fort Med

This post is long overdue but I thought I’d still post this in the name of the summer spirit. Besides, this beach oasis we discovered in one of our road trip adventures a summer ago is worth a visit.

Technically, Club Fort Med is not a new resort. It’s been around for quite some time already.  If you’ve traveled to the farthest part of Southwestern Cebu, meaning you’ve traveled past Argao, Boljoon or Oslob, then you’ve probably seen Club Fort Med. Back in the day when Josh and I were still dating and I’d visit him in Dumaguete City, I’d pass by this resort.

For the two years that I traveled to and from Dumaguete City, this beach resort became my landmark. Whenever the bus passed by this resort, I’d let Josh know that I’m only an hour or less away. I’d get excited and would be wide awake. So, it’s only new to me because it was our first time to visit the place.

So last year, we had the chance to check out the place. Finally! My brothers, their friend, Josh and I went on a road trip last March. We didn’t have a destination in mind. All we wanted was just to go to the beach and refreshed. We passed by Club Fort Med on our way to Santander, Liloan and decided to check out the place. And boy we’re glad.

Club Fort Med is really an oasis in the middle of a highway. It’s easy to miss this place especially if you’re driving over 100 km per hour. However, the resort is worth a visit. The next time you’re on a road trip to the south, be sure to keep Club Fort Med in mind. Here’s a video I made about the place.

I’m not sure how much the entrance now. When we visited it, the entrance fee was Php200 per head but you can use all their amenities, including the swimming pool and shower room. The cottage was around 500. You may find it a bit pricey, but what we loved about the place is its “exclusiveness.” One of their staff told us that the won’t admit people if the rooms and cottages are occupied. We were lucky enough to score one vacant cottage. They do have a restaurant, though, so I guess you can dine there. The point is you won’t find the resort overcrowded, unlike the hidden beach resort we went to two weeks after our road trip.

For updates about this resort, check out their website at http://www.cebuclubfortmed.com.

*This post is not sponsored by Club Fort Med.