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Lazada Philippines Review (External Drive)

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Our first purchase on Lazada Philippines was way back 2011 when the online shop first launched. Since then we haven’t been keen on purchasing stuff on their store. Not that we had a bad experience. It was quite good, as a matter of fact. We were even impressed with their service because we bought a Star Wars-inspired umbrella the night before and it was delivered the next day. We just didn’t buy again because we didn’t see the need to.

I bought stuff again on Lazada in 2014, but it was a group purchase. My work colleague did the purchase and we just paid her what we owed. Since then I never really made any personal purchases.

Up until last November.

For years, I’ve been meaning to buy an external drive. I just couldn’t find one that’s within my budget. I’ve found cheaper brands, of course. After reading some reviews, though, I felt that their prices weren’t worth the risk.

I did some further research about the best brands and found that Western Digital is one of the best in terms of fail rate. I did some canvassing but they were just too darn expensive. Lol!

Up until last November.

I happened to just browse on Lazada Philippines to see what deals they had on their electronic devices and saw a Western Digital My Passport Ultra on sale. It was within my price range and right storage size of 1TB that I was looking for. Kaching! Just imagine bells ringing and party poppers popping as soon as I saw the deal!

Of course, I didn’t buy right away. I had to sleep on it first because, you know. It’s Lazada. If you’ve been lurking on the internet for so long, you know that there are bad reviews about Lazada and their products and services. So I was skeptical. I mean if the price was super low, then it must be too good to be true.

But then again the need supersedes caution.

Domestic Geek Diva_Lazada Philippines Review_ Western Digital My Passport

I went ahead and bought the 1TB external drive. It was on sale for around Php 2,800 plus. It’s a great deal considering I’ve never seen such product within that price range even it’s on sale. I just made sure that I was dealing with a legit merchant, which, lucky me, was Lazada themselves. So I think it was a good sign.

It took a week for my package to arrive but right on schedule.

Domestic Geek Diva_Lazada inner packaging

A lot has changed since they launched online. They now have their own packaging, which is okay. Not unlike Amazon, though, but it’s good enough for me since shipping was free. Although they used plastic to pack my order, I like that they wrapped the box with bubble wrap. I was kind of worried that it might arrive without any extra cushion to the device, but my worries were unfounded.

My external drive came sealed and in its original box. It doesn’t have any signs that it’s been previously opened and resealed. It even took me a few minutes to unbox the external drive.  The transparent plastic has some few scratches but most likely due to transit or storage. Other than that, my order looked brand new, which is another sign.

Domestic Geek Diva_Lazda Reivew

Domestic Geek Diva_Back of Western Digital My Passport hard drive

I was worried that it may be fake since that’s what I’ve read from most reviews. I hope mine isn’t. This is my first WD external drive so I don’t have anything to compare it with. So far, though, my external drive possessed indicators that it’s the real deal despite its affordable price. It came with a serial number, model number, and a warranty when I registered. The device itself also looked like it’s never been used. Besides the hard drive, the box came with a USB cable, a quick install guide, and a backup and security software.

Domestic Geek Diva_Lazada Review_Western Digital HD

The only thing left for me to do to really say I bought the original hard drive is to open it and see the insides. But I have no plans of doing it since it’s working as it should be and I love it. So far, I have no problems with it in terms of functionality.

What I liked about this hard drive is that it has a thick, sturdy USB cable. Not unlike those cheap ones you buy at CD-R King or in Divisoria. The hard drive is light weight and doesn’t heat up even when I’m watching movies or using it for more than three hours. Most importantly, it doesn’t lag or stall when I open a folder with plenty of files inside.

Domestic Geek Diva_Western Digital external Drive_Lazada Review

Thank goodness Lazada delivered what it promised. The hard drive is in good condition. I hope that it will last for a very long time. Overall, Lazada didn’t disappoint me.

I must caution, though, that you should check the merchant before purchasing anything. Like all online shopping stores, buying on has its own risks. So before you charge your credit

card with anything, be sure to check the merchant. Lazada has all kinds of vendors so choose the one that is most reliable.

As always, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is I ‘m just happy with what I purchased. Will I buy from Lazada again? I probably will. In fact, I bought again from them a few weeks after I purchased this hard drive, but that’s for another post.

How was your experience shopping at Lazada? Was the value of your purchase worth the price you paid?