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The Way to Her Heart #1: Los Angeles

The Way to Her Heart #1: Los Angeles Romance Book Cover The Way to Her Heart #1: Los Angeles Romance
The Way to Her Heart
Emma Foster
Chick Lit
October 2, 2015

Great love, great food, great life – can a modern woman have all three?

Chef London Demerez has everything she thought she wanted in life. Working hard at the hottest restaurant in Los Angeles isn’t easy, but she lives with her sexy boyfriend and thinks she has it all. But a hotshot new chef at her restaurant is coming after her job, and her boyfriend. An accident in the kitchen forces London to rethink what she wants in life. It might be time to leave everything she knows and search the world to find the person who truly knows the way to her heart.

Los Angeles is Book One in The Way to Her Heart Series - smart, sexy romances for people who love to cook and eat great food. Includes delicious recipes from Chef London Demerez.

Discover the life and loves of a world class chef looking for true love and great food.


Book Ratings for The Way to Her Heart #1: Los Angeles Romance: Four Open Books


I never thought that reading a dark fantasy novel could be this draining. Hahaha! I don’t know about you but after I read Eye of the Storm, I felt like all my positive energies drained down the sink. And I’m not even sure why. Well, hoping to bring back my enthusiasm and zest, I decided to check my Kindle for some light comedy or Chic lit novels. Luckily, I found The Way to Her Heart by Emma Forster. I don’t have any expectations because all I wanted was to read something that will get my mind off things and get my positive juices flowing again. 

And I think it did the trick.


The Way to Her Heart #1: Los Angeles Romance is a light, chic lit story of a chef employed at one of the hippest restaurants in Los Angeles. Aside from being one of the top chefs in the restaurant, she’s also in a romantic relationship with the sexy head chef. The story starts off with a glimpse of a life of a busy chef and the activities that go on in the kitchen behind closed doors.

The main story begins to unfold when the main character, London, had an accident that forced her to stay at home. It was during her downtime that she began to contemplate about her life, her insecurities, and her relationship with her insensitive and overbearing boyfriend.

I’m not going to spoil you with the rest of the story, but at least you now have an idea of what the story is all about.

Personally, I like the story.  It’s easy to read and it sounds realistic. Anyone who is in a relationship where the partner is insensitive and a workaholic can relate to it. Even I can empathize with her.

Anyway, here are the good and bad points about this book.

The Good Stuff

The first installment of The Way to Her Heart series is written in a first person point view so easy to put oneself in the character’s shoe and experience what she’s been through vicariously.

Another thing I liked about this book is that it’s fast paced and short. It’s like watching an episode of a TV show. Despite it being only seven chapters long, it contains elements that make it a story worth reading. In fact, I was surprised that it ended so soon. I was hoping to learn what her next move is. I didn’t know that it was just a first of a book series. Thankfully, it has a proper ending for the book so you won’t be left hanging. If you would like to learn about her next adventure, there’s a second book you can read. I don’t have the second installment, but I might buy it in the future.

Honestly, I feel like I was watching a TV show while reading this book. It’s not super dramatic like Days of our Lives, though, but I like that it makes you want to read more. It’s definitely a book you might want to check out if you’re looking for something to pass the time, like if you are at the airport or at a cafe waiting for a friend.

The Bad Stuff

The Way to Her Heart: Los Angeles doesn’t have any major bad points. In fact, a few days after reading, I don’t recall any parts that irked me.

Final Thoughts

I give this book a four open book rating because I like that it’s easy to read, fast-paced, and short. It’s a good book to read if you want something that is light on the emotional aspect. I like the book but not enough to warrant it a place on my Super Favorite book collection.

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