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Transformation Project: Bikini Bod 2018

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From the word ‘bikini bod’ itself, you’d think I’m getting ready for Miss Bikini Philippines.

Thankfully, I’m not. It’s not happening even in my wildest dreams. Joining pageants, even a simple barangay beauty pageant, scares me. In fact, it was one of the most effective scare tactics my mom would use on me just to make me eat my vegetables. She would threaten me by telling me that she would send an application form to Eat Bulaga‘s Little Miss Philippines if I don’t swallow my green veggies. Now, you would probably wonder what so scary about that? Well, in my young mind I thought once they get the form, they’d send cameras to our home. Silly me. But it was still effective in my tween years. Hahaha!

Anyway, so no. I’m not joining a pageant.

I’ve decided to take on this “ambitious” project purely for health and fitness reasons. Seriously, guys, I’m out of shape. Even a 100-meter walk would leave me breathless.

Many of my associates say that I look okay. I’m not fat and that my body is normal. And I do agree. My BMI is within normal range based on my small frame. And I do like how the fat is adding a curvy shape to my mid section. My issue is that, and this is something I’ve learned in my reading online, that a high fat buildup in the abdominal section can lead to all types of diseases, like diabetes. Plus, I’ve reached a stage in my life wherein I want to take better care of myself.

The Stumbling Block to a Healthier Me

Growing up, I’ve never had any problems with fitness because I’ve had a pretty active childhood. I was never an athlete and PE was my least favorite subject. Fortunately at that time, I had fast metabolism so I never got fat or had any issues with weight gain.

When I started working, though, after college, I realized that I need to start living a healthy, active life. So I started jogging and walking home from work. I’ve had short-lived successes from those, but I was never able to sustain them. As they say, once you stop doing your exercise routines even for just two works, it becomes hard to get back on track. So I wasn’t able to achieve my fitness goals.

And as the years pass by, it becomes more difficult for me to stay fit. It’s even more difficult for me now that I have a busier career and a more erratic schedule than before.

I’ve reached a point now wherein I’m having challenges in finding time for my husband, myself, and my health. The thought of being able to do all the things I want is overwhelming, what with the work deadlines that I have to meet. The fitness side takes the back seat most of the time. And it’s demotivating.

The Ambitious ‘Bikini Bod’ Fitness Goal

DomesticGeekDiva_Project Bikini Body

I want things to be different this 2018. For once, I want to achieve my fitness goal that I’ve been putting off for so long. I want my body to be active and strong. Getting a lean, bikini bod would just be a bonus.

So this time, I took a huge leap and purchased a fitness guide called the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen FerruggiaI’ve read reviews of her workout guide and a majority of them were positive. So I thought I’d give it a try.

What’s the deal with buying a guide instead of using free apps? Well, to be honest, I’ve used them and they were helpful. However, when I thought about the hindering factors, one was the lack of motivation. Because I can access these fitness apps for free, I gave no thought to their value.

I decided to put monetary value to my goal, instead. Since I forked out cash, I think I’ll be motivated to put the guide into good use. That way, I won’t be flushing money down the drain. Is it a strong motivator? Not really, but it’s a start. So good luck to me. Aja!

Have you tried the Bikini Body Workout Guide? How was it? Did it really help you in your transformation goal?





  • Wow. Good luck for this Dara 😆

    • Thanks, Van! I could really use the encouragement. 😀